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A Balanced You Wellness Center is your Las Vegas and Henderson home for total well-being through individualized, high-quality services that restore balance -  our goal is to promote individual growth, health, and wellness through the holistic treatment of the mind, body and soul.  

Our team of professionals is committed to guiding your path to wellness and balance through a wide array of alternative therapies, natural remedies, quality psychotherapy services, massage therapy and more - with the ultimate goal being the integration of mind, body and soul for health and wellness. 

Our Mission

At A Balanced You Wellness Center, our goal is to promote individual growth, health, and wellness  through the treatment of the mind, body and soul.  We are comprised of a variety of therapists and wellness practitioners who offer holistic treatments and alternative therapeutic interventions as well as evidence based practices to guide you through your journey to wellness.  

Our Services

Mind, Body and Soul are interconnected, each one flows into the other. Our holistic health services address each of the three aspects of ourselves to harmonize and bring about total wellness. At A Balanced You Wellness Center, we connect Mind, Body and Soul through a variety of quality services to light the path towards a healthier, more balanced you. 





~Emotional Healing

~Therapeutic Massage

~Quantum Energy Healing

~Meditation Counselor

~Intuitive Wellness Consulting

~CBD Consulting

~Psychotherapeutic Services


~Life Coaching

~Past-Life Regression

~Psychological Testing

~Educational Testing

~Essential Oils

Our Practitioners


Christy Rood, LSW, Clinical Social Work Intern

Christy has worked at a Title One school in North Las Vegas as their School Social Worker. She has seen many ups and downs of students in the school system. She would like to do more and provide a therapeutic treatment for youths and their challenges.  

She is looking forward to helping many other people along with their journey. She is very passionate about social work! 

She uses a person-centered approach by using the following treatments: Mindfulness, Strengths Perspective, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to name a few. She looks forward to hearing from you.


Michele Ciancimino, Certified Nutritionist

Michele Ciancimino is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Holistic Health Coach and the founder of GoodnessGirl.com.

Michele specializes in creating custom nutrition programs based on the unique DNA of each individual. 

She is devoted to supporting those who feel frustrated by their appearance, lack of energy and unsuccessful attempts to achieve their ideal body, and her programs lead clients to the positive change they desire. 

Michele's passions are cooking healthy food for friends and family, sharing her love for essential oils, daily workouts and meditation.  She is currently writing a book on nutrition and cooking with essential oils

Taleen Sofee, Taleen Dahling, Wellness, Healing, Consulting, CBD, Reiki, Quantum Energy, Intuitive

Taleen Sofee, Wellness Practitioner

Taleen has her B.A. in Psychology, and for the past 5 years has been dedicated to helping people live a healthy, balanced, and conscious lifestyle. 

Taleen’s gentle, non-judgmental and down-to-earth style creates an environment of safety, comfort and support. She blends her backgrounds in psychology, intuitive consulting, mindfulness and Quantum Energy Therapy to support your current goals and needs. Her passion to help people find their own balance inspired her to form a place where you can find yourself again.

Counseling, Therapy, Psychotherapist, Coaching, Family, Mental Health, Whitney Garr. LCSW

Whitney Garr, LCSW

Whitney has been providing therapy for 10 years with experience in group homes, in-patient settings, and for the past three years outpatient therapy.  She is a very energetic, positive, and passionate person that wants to share her experiences, knowledge and love for life with others. She has a way of making clients feel comfortable, she is real and easy going with a very compassionate and supportive approach.   She wants to guide clients to heal, grow and eventually flourish in life! 

Counseling, Therapy, Psychotherapist, Coaching, Family, Mental Health, KC West, LCSW


KC has been a in private practice as a psychotherapist since 2015 and has been providing therapeutic services since 2007.  

She is passionate about promoting growth and emotional healing.  KC recognizes the importance of providing you with an individualized approach through your journey to wellness.  

Every individual has a unique strengths and goals to be utilized for personal development.  She is happy to guide you to creating a healthy relationship with yourself.  Together you will learn to let go of the past and develop a new vision for the future. 


DeAnna Mear, LCSW

DeAnna Mear, LCSW is an eclectic therapist who has been working in the mental health field since 2010. She has been providing therapeutic services since 2012. She believes that there is truly sunshine after the storm. She works with individuals of all ages, including couples and families.  She is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT),  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR),  and We RISE yoga for trauma. 


Christina Gaglione, LCSW

Christina is a dedicated and compassionate therapist, working always in the best interest of her clients. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since February 2015, and has been practicing therapy since December 2012. Christina dedicates herself to her clients and practice; and is committed to working with others to find the healthiest version of themselves. She has worked with many individuals with different age groups and presenting issues, including but not limited to Anxiety, Depression, Victims of trauma, medical illnesses, PTSD, relationship problems, and behavioral disorders. She provides a humanistic but direct approach in meeting each individual's needs. She prides herself and her practice to offer resources and referrals for additional support when needed; and works collaboratively with other organizations in the community to provide the best needs and interests for her clients. 


Dr. Ariana Mora

Dr. Ariana Mora is a Licensed Psychologist who believes psychology is an integral aspect of human nature. She provides individual and family therapy as well as psychological testing for a variety of emotional and psychological ailments.  Coming from an integrative stance incorporating existentialism, family systems, and cognitive-behavioral concepts, Dr. Mora incorporates a variety of methods to process our existence and find deeper meanings into our lives. 

Dr. Mora is also trained in mindfulness teachings and past-life regression. She believes the subconscious mind is extremely powerful and has a great impact on our conscious acts, thoughts, and feelings. Exploring the subconscious mind through mind relaxation can harmonize the conscious and subconscious minds. Ultimately, Dr. Mora believes the key to a happier and healthier life is finding inner peace/balance and emotional well-being.

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