For the Soul


Connecting with your soul can uncover your deep needs and desires - once connected, you can align your life accordingly through intuitive wellness coaching, past life regression therapy and meditation coaching. Begin your journey today.

Intuitive Wellness Coaching

Your soul knows what you need, even if your conscious mind hasn’t made the connection. During these sessions, we will work on different areas - such as obtaining clarity about your deepest intention, creating a channeled vision for your wellness, setting specific goals and developing an action plan.  This practice allows for you to make soul-connected changes to adopt and sustain lifestyle improvements, to gain more energy, to feel motivated, to bring out your charisma and passion, to align with your life’s purpose and live your best life. 

Emotional Healing

Your emotions are carried with you throughout life - and where there are difficult or confusing emotions, they can act as obstacles to wellness when they are not addressed. Whether they are deep in your soul or closer to the surface, our Emotional Healing services peel back the layers to uncover the causes of a particular emotion with compassion and for the purpose of resolving them so that you can move forward. 


Meditation is a highly beneficial practice to merge mind, body and soul through mindful quietude for relaxation and clarity. Our Meditation Counselor service is a way to partner with a professional to learn techniques and practice together, so that you can cultivate a productive meditation style that suits you and your lifestyle. 

Life Coaching

Need direction in life? The choices can seem endless and paths can become confusing. Our Life Coaching services offer partnership with a Life Coach to help identify your personal mission in life and guide your way there. Disruptive patterns or habits and fresh opportunities can be uncovered so that you can move forward with greater confidence and clarity. 

Past Life Regression

Your soul might be older than you realize. It could be possible that that we carry emotional, psychic and occasionally physical experiences of our past and/or past lives into our current one.  Past-life regression therapy is a form of guided hypnosis and talk therapy in which you are placed into a deeply relaxed but still-conscious state through the use of guided visualization.  It is in this state where memories in the form of visions, feelings, images, and sensations are then interpreted into a cohesive vision of a past life. By accessing those memories and talking through them, past-life regression can help us confront issues in our current life.