About A Balanced You Wellness Center

Mind, Body and Soul are interconnected - each one flows into the other. Holistic care means that we treat each aspect equally with quality care to bring them into balance for your total well-being. 

A Balanced You Wellness Center is your Las Vegas and Henderson home for holistic health care and alternative therapies to deliver a healthier, more balanced you. Our goal is to promote individual growth, health, and wellness through the holistic treatment of the mind, body and soul.  

We are comprised of an interdisciplinary team of therapists and wellness practitioners who offer holistic treatments and alternative therapeutic interventions as well as evidence-based practices to guide you through your journey to wellness.  We’re committed to restoring a sense of balance and rejuvenation to your life and help you achieve your holistic health goals, all within a peaceful and supportive space that serves your holistic health care. 

Led by KC West LCSW, A Balanced You Wellness Center brings holistic health care to the Henderson and Las Vegas community with personalized services that address your own unique and individual needs. KC deeply understands that your soul’s goals are the key to a more balanced, healthier life of wellness - through holistic health care and therapy, those goals are brought to the surface for harmony and total health. KC and her team of treatment specialists can address your Mind, Body and Soul with your total wellness in mind. 

KC is passionate about helping you discover a healthier version of yourself - and she’s developed a team of qualified health care professionals to assist her on her mission to provide an array of holistic services that nurture Mind, Body and Soul for a more balanced you. 

A Balanced You Wellness Center is a tranquil, welcoming space where you’ll find support to light your path to total health. With individual treatment rooms, larger meeting and class areas - along with a peaceful atmosphere and compassionate staff - it’s your home for holistic health care right here in Las Vegas and Henderson. 

Are you a holistic health care practitioner?

 A Balanced You Wellness Center welcomes your talent - we invite you to consider joining our team for additional services and alternative therapies within our healing space. Call or email us today to learn more!