For the Body


Addressing the body’s needs - such as massage therapy, quantum healing and natural remedies like CBD - can bring about holistic healing through alternative therapy and holistic wellness. Learn more about our alternative medicine services.

Therapeutic Massage

Body work is an essential step in bringing about total wellness for holistic health care. Therapeutic massage incorporates a variety of techniques and advanced modalities which enhance the body's natural restorative functioning.  Therapeutic Massage helps with a variety of goals: relieve pain, reduce stress, relaxation, and working toward a specific outcome. 

Quantum Energy Healing

Every cell in your body holds tremendous power. This alternative therapy program implements a blend of Psychology and Quantum Healing at a cellular level backed by science and tangible data. The Quantum Resonance System analyzes your unique voice print to determine imbalances and/or stressors in the body on an energetic and physical level. It helps energize and stimulate a healing response in the individuals MIND/BODY/SOUL level. This combined with psychology (mind), energy healing (body) and coaching will create breakthroughs for people stuck in a space of stagnation.

CBD Consulting

Natural health remedies hold a powerful place in the journey to total wellness. Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining momentum in the health and wellness world, with some scientific studies confirming it may help address a variety of ailments. Our CBD Consulting provides full-body analysis to best determine how incorporating non-psychoactive CBD products can help improve your overall well-being through holistic health care. 


Nutrition refers to the supply of materials into the body, most often in the form of food. Our organs need nutrition, or food, to stay alive. Good nutrition can leave your body healthy and illness free for a long time. Poor nutrition leads to chronic disease, poor diet, and poorer overall health. A nutritionist is here to guide your journey with nutrition and help you determine which foods are best for your body and health. Simply put, nutritionists are food experts, and we have the expertise you need at A Balanced You Wellness Center.