Christy Rood, LSW, Clinical Social Work Intern

Christy has worked at a Title One school in North Las Vegas as their School Social Worker. She has seen many ups and downs of students in the school system. She would like to do more and provide a therapeutic treatment for youths and their challenges.  

She is looking forward to helping many other people along with their journey. She is very passionate about social work! 

She uses a person-centered approach by using the following treatments: Mindfulness, Strengths Perspective, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to name a few. She looks forward to hearing from you.


. Individual Counseling

. Family Counseling


Children and Adolescents, Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment Issues, and Behavioral Issues.

Contact Information:

Call: 702-518-8884


Insurances: FFS Medicaid, Cash Pay

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